2015 A Year In Review

by Larry Meyer, Founder and President of LDM Worldwide Productions

2015 was a very busy and great year for the Television and Entertainment Industry. LDM was a production arm for 1500 events in 2015. Looking back on some of the projects LDM worked on it was truly a fun year full of diversity, challenges, and new opportunities. Some of the events that stood out this year were the Mets going to the World Series. They were a long time client of LDM and it was great to see them finally advance to the World Series; perhaps they will make it again in 2016.

LDM produced The Harlem Globetrotters 90th Anniversary show. It is always a great family show and event. It was especially a poignant time for the franchise as 2015 saw the passing of Meadowlark Lemon and Marques Haynes.; both greats that made the Globetrotters franchise what it is today.

The College Football Awards moved to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta this year. It was great to see the show set up in the new facility. We had some of the best players and coaches in College Football attend. Derrick Henry from Alabama Crimson won the Walter Camp Award for player of the year.
On the entertainment front LDM was involved in an eight week television series “Best Time Ever” hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. It was a unique variety show and therefore refreshing. My daughter loved watching the show and really enjoyed how entertaining it was. It was a great opportunity for LDM to be involved so closely.
For the Mastercard “Priceless Surprises” series it was great to see Usher bring such smiles to a fan at Venice Beach. You can see some of the fun via this link.

Luke Bryant rocked it in Denver on his “Kick Up the Dust” Tour.

Out of all the Comedy Events LDM worked on this year, the comedy team that stands out is Garfunkel and Oates. They are a comedy duo based out of LA and rising stars. Keep a look out for them.
Another rising star is Australian Band “ 5 seconds to Summer.” LDM produced their live feed from LA to Australia for the ARIA Awards. The band and crew pulled an all

nighter but they walked away with the Twitter voted “Best Australian Live Act.” Award.
It was a fun year full of hard work by the team here at LDM. We look forward to the many events we will be crewing and producing as well as unknown events that will come LDM’s way. The unknown and last minute events make things exciting. We look forward to another great year and appreciate not only our clients but the crew who work so hard on the ground helping make these productions happen.
Happy New Year!

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10 Years, a New Website and Thoughts on Sochi

by Larry Meyer, Founder and President of LDM Worldwide Productions

Today, LDM Worldwide launched our new website, exactly 10 years after the launch of our old website, which coincided with the launch of LDM Worldwide as a company. When I started this business in 2001 the market was more centralized and focused on Networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) and just a few Cable Sports Channels (ESPN, CSTV). Today the market is fractured with multiple sports networks (eg., ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, CBS Sports Network, FS 1, FS 2, NBC Sports Network, etc.), regional sports networks, as well as conference run networks (Big 10, Pac 12, SEC). Additionally sports programming on the web is showcased on Yahoo, Google, YouTube, etc., and has begun to permeate on second and even third screens. Viewers have begun to unplug from the traditional source of sports viewership, presenting a brave new world that brings it’s own unique challenges and opportunities.

In the same ten years, LDM Worldwide has grown into one of the leading crewing and packaging companies in the world. Our company has staffed and provided packaging services for thousands of live events from all over the world, and for a variety of well-known brands like ESPN, FOX Sports, Comcast, et al. Our staff has grown from a team of two — myself and Tyler Benjamin — into a full-time team of 10 in Seattle, plus a deep worldwide contracting network. I thank the wonderful team at LDM Worldwide and the crewmembers on the ground who have worked hard to provide their best each day, with each production.

The new LDM Worldwide website is an extension of our company, utilizing technology to inform and educate our clients and employees. The website will provide our customers and employees with a content and management portal online that allows them to manage their accounts and learn more about LDM Worldwide. The website is designed to serve as a communication tool and we look forward to engaging in this manner with our customers.

As I turn my attention from past events and accomplishments I look forward to joining many wonderful people in the world of TV in Sochi Russia. These Olympics will be like no other. I am looking forward to the camaraderie the Olympics brings and how it provides a perfect example of how similar we all are as people, regardless of origin. It is truly a time to unite and watch some amazing athletes!

In Sochi I will be working as a Venue Manager at the Bolshoy Ice Dome, which is the sight of the Men’s Hockey competition. The hockey drama should be palpable too, considering the history between USA Hockey and the Russians. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a little reminder:

It’s been a fabulous ten years! At LDM Worldwide, we look forward to another generation of growth with our current and future customers. This new website and news portal is the next step in that direction. See you in Sochi!

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