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Reliable video production staffing services: Anywhere. Anytime.

LDM Worldwide is the video production industry’s most reliable staffing, crewing and packaging partner, providing anywhere, anytime services for sporting events, corporate events and general entertainment. Based in Seattle, LDM Worldwide was created in 2001 by Larry Meyer and co-founder Tyler Benjamin. Meyer spent 20 years in the television business, his final stint with ESPN, where he oversaw operations for golf, auto racing and special events. His industry experience putting together crews for international sporting events provided the inspiration for LDM Worldwide. He saw a huge need for a crewing provider with international reach that could assist companies like ESPN in producing video coverage from around the globe, and thus started the company.

“People would never suspect the amount of work it takes to put together a television production, and how much of that work is outsourced by media companies to companies like ours,” says Meyer. “We know how to put together a professional production anywhere in the world, with any amount of lead-time. There are still a lot of productions in this world that are all about getting out there, running the cables and satellite, and putting a thousand pieces together to make it happen for a single moment. That’s what drives us at LDM Worldwide.”

Did you know

Personal consumption expenditure (PCE) on the spectator sports segment reached $25.4 billion in 2012 and has grown at a 6.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) since 2007, outpacing the 2.6% CAGR of all personal consumption expenditures. That means the consumption of sports is now outpacing all forms of entertainment, including dining and travel.

Meet Some Of Our Team

Larry Meyer CEO and President

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Tyler Benjamin VP of Operations

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Tami Brown Account Coordinator

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Brent Shadoan Crew Coordinator

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Vanessa Williams Crewing Assistant

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Emily Gaut Office Assistant

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